Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Walk The Line (dotted)

Been dashing about a bit since we came back from USA last Thursday. Today's dashing was to the second eye hospital in Toulouse. I was tested, and amazed, at the first hospital, by about ten pieces of electronic kit that they tested me with. I am even more amazed now because I have been done by some even more wonderful Star Trek-like contraptions.

I have never seen so many bright lights whizzing about (except in "Close Encounters"), some of which were extremely painful to my dilated eyes. It seems that not only do I have cataracts on both eyes, which I knew, but I also have "pattern dystrophy" in both eyes, which apparently is much more serious. Don't know what they are going to do about it - I have to see the professor again at the first hospital on 30th November. He is fully informed, because I wrote to him, of my schedule, which gives availability for only two 6-week periods at home between now and next August. So I hope that if something needs to be done, it is done either before the end of the year, or between end of March 2010 and VBW-day, which will be 15 May 2010.

However, I got the impression that they will now not bother to operate on my cataracts, which is a shame because I have been hearing such wonderful tales about the results. Not to mention that I have about £600 worth of maps for VBW which at the moment I can not read - I certainly can not make out the dotted lines which indicate the footpaths.

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