Sunday, October 4, 2009

Swine 'Flu and Dressing Down

Even having missed my long walk on Monday, I have still managed to clock up 103 kms in this week's glorious weather. When I say glorious, I am ignoring the fact that there is a bit of a dilemma about what to wear when the day starts out at 5 degrees, as this morning did, then ramps up into the mid-20s well before the sun is over the yardarm.

That would not be so bad if I was straight out of the house into walking, but when the first hour or two is spent trolling round the market, shorts and a cycling shirt are not quite good enough. Although there is one man we see at the market who wears running shorts even in the coldest weather. We saw him this morning and he was wearing the trademark shorts and a singlet. His other trademark is big walking boots with hefty socks spilling over them, like an old-time hiker. What's that all about? There is no evidence that he actually does any walking. Or dressing.

Most of my walks this week have been a bit tired, but I put that down to the fact that I had the inoculation for Grippe A - as swine flu is known in France - the other day. The nurse said not to eat any pork (not too difficult for a vegetarian) and not to drink alcohol for 4 days. We read the leaflet which came with the inoculation and neither of those things was mentioned, but it did say that fatigue could be an outcome.

My total for the week was 103 kms, 3610 kms for the year so far, not too far from my target of 4,000 kms for the whole 12 months.


Anonymous said...

Have a look at this - a bit late for this time maybe, but there is some useful info in the last paragraph or two about what to do if you have had a 'flu shot.

Kristelfr said...

Hello Vic, this has nothing to do with this specific post, but I found your card on the Voie Verte near le Peyrat. Pinned it on one of the wooden gate structures to make some publicity in the area :-)

Vic Heaney said...

Thanks for that, Anonymous. Too late for me, perhaps, but Big Walker's Bride has just gone for her swine 'flu shot.

Vic Heaney said...

Hello Kristelfr. It worked then! I see so few people on the Voie Verte I thought it was a bit of a folorn hope that some English-reading person would see the card. Unfortunately, I had those cards printed before I decided to do the walk for Pachreatic Cancer UK, so it does not draw your attention to that. But my blog does!

I have just walked the Voie Verte from Mirepoix to Rivel and I saw one man with a dog and one man on a bike - in about 24 kms! Heavenly, but what a waste!