Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sign Of The Times

We took Margaret and Jim back to Toulouse aiport yesterday - a journey we shall be making frequently for a while. The Eye Hospital is next to the airport - I have to be there next Monday and will then probably have to go several more times if the rumour of operations on my eyes is true. Then on 28th October we fly to USA for a couple of weeks, again from Toulouse.

Margaret and Jim, after a few days in UK, will be returning to Alberta, Canada, where they already have snow. They will not see the last of that until May next year.

Their departure means I can return to some serious walking so this morning I set off from Quillan at 7 degrees to walk home, knowing that with the big climb and the rising sun, things would soon be much warmer. Impossible to get it right with the clothing. I choose to wear shorts and shiver a bit, knowing that I quickly generate a lot of heat.

The signpost above is on the trail up from Quillan to the Col du Portel.

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