Friday, October 16, 2009


What I was trying to say yesterday, in my stumbling way, is that it is strange that I feel stiff in the legs not when I am walking long distances every day, but when I have a day or two off. Got to keep those legs moving.

Which is not something I am doing very well this week. For one reason or another, this is going to be a low kilometrage week. First we had rare and valued visitors, with accompanying reluctance to waste hours of the few they were here. Yesterday I was wrestling with our new Internet radio, trying to get it to connect to our router - can't do it, although I have just proved it will connect to Ang and Paul's router next door. Most of the wasted time was spent trying to make a call to the modem supplier's support number without finding an engaged tone. No luck there.

Today the morning was disrupted because we were expecting a plasterer who is coming to repair one of our bedroom walls where a builder accidentally broke through from next door. The plasterer could have come early, so this meant we could not do the usual thing of going to Lavelanet market so I could walk back. I went for another, shorter walk from home only to return to a message that the plaster is coming on Saturday afternoon instead.

I will be lucky to clock up 70 kms this week. That seems paltry, but it is actually the 10 kms average per day which is my ongoing target for this year.

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