Sunday, July 7, 2013

Leaving France

This is the view we will have from the window or balcony of our new home, except that we will be further to the left of the camera's viewpoint, and much nearer to the boats.

That statement will take many people by surprise. But yes, after 20 years of living overseas, next year Gay and I will be taking possession of a brand new apartment in Lytham, Lancashire, England.

As the following pictures show, the apartments are currently under construction. Ours runs the full depth of the building. on the second floor (excluding the ground floor) and is currently fronted by the big white panel in the photographs.

We shall be very sad to leave our lovely home in a beautiful part of France, but for various reasons we feel it is time to move on (and up).

Click on any one of the pics to get a gallery of enlargements.

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