Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's Ours!

Video of Beacon Point development

We had a bit of a heart-stopping moment today. It is the day for exchange of contracts on our Lytham apartment. We sent the documents by registered post a week ago. When I e-mailed  the solicitor, she told me they had not arrived. If they did not arrive today of course it meant the builder could renege or whack the price up (they are very much in demand). 

Fortunately, an hour later a second e-mail told us the docs arrived in the second post. Exchange of contracts was effected some time later.

So the apartment is ours, as long as we can come up with the rest of the money. And there is no sign of our house here in France selling anytime soon!

Click on the video link above (where it says "Video of Beacon Point development") to see details of the development

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