Thursday, July 25, 2013

Concerted Effort

 Great Mark Knopfler concert in the stone arena inside the mediaeval walled Cite of Carcassonne last night.

Just as well it was not the previous night, when we had a big lightning storm and torrential rain. The concert would have had to be halted while that passed over, which took quite a while. The recent storms, by the way, accompanied in many cases by huge hailstones, have devastated vine-growing areas and will presumably have an effect next year on the availability and price of some wines.

The lighting effects were particularly good as they played over the ancient stonework.

Sorry the photographs are not too good. They would have been better without flash - in fact the security guards were telling people to "extinguish" their flash, but in the dark I could not see how to switch it off so had to put my camera away.

Somehow or other, we ended up in one of the several photographs of the concert in this morning's newspapers.

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