Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Blog Of The Talk Of The Book Of The Walk

I was invited by Attracta and Owen of the recently-instituted English Library in nearby Quillan to give a talk about Vic's Big Walk and the book of the same name. This took place yesterday in the bistro at Carrefour Supermarket (the library is situated at the end of the Carrefour building).

My talk consisted mainly of reading selected episodes from the book, interspersed with a bit of connecting banter. The crowd was not huge, but made for a more intimate atmosphere. The intimate atmosphere was enhanced, not to say overwhelmed, by the arrival of some French people talking very loudly while I was in full flow. They must have been aware that something was going on but they didn't seem to care. I increased volume and carried on, the noise now being joined by the hissing of the coffee machine.

There was a small charge of 5 Euros for each attendee, which was to cover the cost of tea or coffee and a very nice piece of apple pie. The waitress kindly came round taking orders for these while I was just starting to read the last extract from my book, about the triumphant arrival at the house of my birth.

Despite these interruptions, the event was a success. Everybody seemed to enjoy the talk, and every person there bought at least one signed copy of my book, of which all proceeds go to pancreatic cancer research. I shall shortly be placing a reasonable sum of money on my donation website.

If the last paragraph should happen to remind you that you were thinking of making a donation to help combat this dreadful illness, I have made it very easy for you. On this very page, above and to your right, you will see a big blue button. Pressing this will lead you into the short process by which you will be able to do your bit. Thanks in advance.

I would be very happy to give the same or a similar talk at any gathering of interested people, so long as it is within reasonable travelling distance or in any place to which I happen to be travelling. I already have another one lined up for Provence in October.

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