Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Blisters In One Day ...

At last we have some sunshine. Not bad, is it, a few days until we are halfway through the year, and the sun has decided to make an appearance in the South of France.

We made our normal Wednesday morning visit to Quillan market, where I took these pictures. Then a meeting with Attracta and Owen about the talk I am to give next Wednesday.

Gay dropped me off at Nebias for the 6 kms walk home. Yesterday I had walked from home to Nebias and back, which is clearly 12 kms. These two were the first decent walks, because of the weather, which I have had since leaving New Zealand in mid-April.

And I arrived home from today's walk with two small blisters, which is one more than I acquired in the whole two and a half years, 14,500 kms of the Vic's Big Walk project.

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