Monday, June 17, 2013

Ancient And Modern

My last post showed the very latest form of transport, the Airbus A350, less than 4 hours into its flying career, as it flew over our house to see if we are still here (more about that anon).

On Saturday we made a rare visit to Carcassonne and saw this ancient Austin roadster, which must be 100 years old and obviously still going strong, parked in the Route de Verdun. I wonder if there will be any A350s still flying in 100 years time?

I don't know which model this is, but presumably it is also an A - something.

Did you know that as long ago as the 1930s Datsun, now known as Nissan, were building Austin Sevens, first as a rip-off and then under licence? This was the beginning of Nissan's international success and now here they are returning the favour and building their cars, notably the Qashqai and the Juke, in Britain.

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