Friday, May 24, 2013

3 Degrees In The South Of France

We spent last week in England, mainly prompted by attendance at an excellent Mark Knopfler concert in Liverpool, but handily timed to help my daughter Nicola and grandson Alessandro attune themselves to English ways and weather. Nicola has lived in Italy for all her adult life and Alessandro was born in that country. They have now moved to England.

We returned to find that the rain which has blighted the winter here had carried on during our absence. The river which is normally pretty turgid in the spring and summer is ragingly turbid and very brown as it clearly is trying to wash the Pyrenees into the Mediterranean. The vertical humidity which has caused this has continued since we arrived back on Wednesday. Our visit to Lavelanet market this morning was extremely wet and some stalls which had been brave enough to set up were packing everything away as we left at about 0930.

As we drove home the car screamed an ice warning at us because the temperature had fallen to Three Degrees! Should I remind you that this is the end of May in the South of France? As the girl group The Three Degrees used to sing - "Ah, ah! Ooh! ooh!"

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