Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big Walkers Gather In The Alps

Morning Mist in Uriage

Where to next?

Andy tucks in to breakfast

We are home now. Left Switzerland on 30th April and drove to Uriage, just outside Grenoble. There we had a reunion with Andy Greene. If you recall, Andy is an American chemist who we met in New Zealand last year just after he had completed the third stage of his Big Walk from the North to the South of NZ.

This year we met him again, in Oamaru, just after he started the fourth and final leg of the project, which has stretched over 4 years.

Andy has lived in France for 40 years and his home is in Uriage. We went for a walk with him soon after we arrived. We also had dinner in the evening and breakfast again the next morning before we left for the long drive home. Due to a misunderstanding, Andy had expected us to stay for longer and he had a program of events planned, including treating us to the very handsome pizzas he makes. We had to take a rain check on that. We will definitely go back to Uriage, which seems a splendid small town and we think we have persuaded Andy to visit us here in the Pyrenees (Uriage is in the Alps).

Having completed his big walk in New Zealand, Andy is now looking for a new project. Any ideas, anyone?

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