Friday, May 31, 2013

How Cool Is This?

As I mentioned, a couple of weeks ago we went with Mr and Mrs Septimus to a Mark Knopfler concert in Liverpool. Every concert on the tour is being recorded on the spot. The Liverpool concert is stored in this USB stick, heavily disguised as MK's favourite red Stratocaster guitar.

The same question above - "How cool is this?", could also refer to our weather. It has warmed up a bit and has today even managed to creep marginally above 10 degrees, but May must surely be one of the wettest and coldest ever recorded in the South of France.

In a final flourish, I understand we have had one month's supply of rain in the past 24 hours. When we were in Lavelanet this morning, the normally fairly placid weir was something to behold. It was like standing by the side of the Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, I did not have a suitable camera with me.

But this afternoon, when we took advantage of a brief break in the downpour to go for a walk, we were confronted by this sight at the ford just outside the village. Normally we can walk across some stepping stones or not even bother with that as the ford is frequently completely dry in spring/summer/autumn/fall. But we wouldn't have dared to try to get through this lot today (below). Click on the arrow to start the video moving and click on the bottom right symbol (looks a bit like a window frame) to make the picture fill your screen.

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