Sunday, August 19, 2012

Million Dollar Poem

Is this the Million Dollar Poet?

I quote R. J Askew - like me a native of Lancashire - an author and poet

"This is it, the million dollar poem, I will take some pics of the original, handwritten with a Montblanc understoody in blue-black ink, at some point. The poem was inspirced by Vic's Big Walk: From SW France to NW England . Vic walked 2000 km for a charity to fight a particularly virulent cancer. So I will try and see if I can do a bit, too. The original of this poem is hereby officially priced at $1 mln. You've got to laugh. But... Let's see. "


Each one who gives will goodness win
For all who give and give a gain
Create again this universe
This art alive in which we are
A vein of love alive in this
Eternity of love surrounds
A love within a love without
Each breath, each beat, each mote of life
A gain! a gain! in beauty's vein
We pulse in goodness given free
To give a gain to fully be
We give again a gain to win

This art is at the heart of life
We love .. to give new hope a way

Vic's Big Walk: From SW France to NW England

Ron's intends to produce a handsome manuscript version of this poem, complete with an audio version and supporting material about why he was inspired  (by reading my book) to write it, and to offer it on eBay with a reserve price of One Million Dollars.

He believes that somewhere out there is a wealthy person, who has been affected in his life by pancreatic cancer striking a friend or relative, and who would be willing to make a huge donation towards finding a cure for this most dreadful, sudden and savage of all cancers.

What do you think of this idea? Will it work? It is certainly worth trying.

And at last I am officially a muse, having inspired the poem.

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Unknown said...

Yes, Vic sir, your walk deserves a mention in despatches for its inspirational qualities.

The verse will work.