Thursday, August 23, 2012

870 Miles of Bad Road

This is Linda Stratigou and her dog Kim. They will be walking the Wales Coast Path together, to raise funds  for Raystede Centre For Animal Welfare Limited because they give succour to so many unwanted animal.

Linda is a pensioner and grandmother of two. Kim is her beloved terrier cross who was abandoned by his previous owner who never took him out for a walk and left him alone in a flat for nine hours a day. He had to use newspapers for his toilet. When he got so frustrated that he started chewing things he was sent to Raystede to be rehomed. Linda says he is a wonderful and loving companion who goes everywhere with her and loves to run free and play ball!

They are going to attempt to walk the Wales Coast Path, camping on route, and expect it to take about six weeks. Kim has his own little backpack so he can carry his food, water and sleeping bag! They can't wait to get started!

You can support Lin and Kim by making a small (or large) donation at:

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Martin said...

The Wales Coast Path looks like a wonderful hike, maybe one day...