Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beavering On Cyprus

Since we came back from Paris I have been beavering away in the garret, trying to get my book about Cyprus finished. This will be published in September, both in paperback and as an e-book, although the paperback will not reach Amazon until 6 to 8 weeks later. I have two chapters left to complete, then a round of proofreading and corrections and amendments and polishing.

The book, with working title "Living In An Island" (but I am looking for a better title) will be about the 8 years Gay and I spent living in Cyprus. It is about the thorns among the roses, the aspects of Cyprus which would not normally be seen by a tourist staying for one or two weeks in a holiday resort. The Cyprus behind the smiles, as it were. I may not be very popular in Cyprus after the book has appeared.

As well as a title, I am still seeking a suitable picture for the cover.

Chapter headings are:

Why Are We Here?
Akamas - The Real Cyprus
Sky Walking
Sun in Winter!
A Trip To The Post Office
It’s A Dog’s Life
Paradise Lost
A Winter Break In UK (and worse, the journey back!)
Dogs Of War
A Trip Into The Occupied Area
What’s Afoot?
It Was Not Always Like This
Show Us Another Way To Go Home

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