Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We drove up to Andorra yesterday. We collected a few bottles of Spanish wine which we can't get in France, but really we go just for the drive, especially when there is still some snow on the mountains. And the trip pays for itself because we fill up with petrol there. It is currently 25 cents a litre less than it is here in France.

The picture was taken through a window from inside one of the sports good stores. In the winter from that same position you can see people whizzing past on skis.

I managed to get hold of a 2-litre water container to fit in my rucsack. I have started doing a few longer walks again (24 kms, 30 kms coming up) and in the heat I definitely need to carry water supplies. The previous 2-litre container I had started leaking a few days before I finished VBW, so I discarded it. I must admit I had become a bit disillusioned with these things after I found out how slimy they become inside. So yesterday I made sure that I also got a kit which includes a brush to clean the inside of the bag, another brush to clean inside the tube (although I have yet to work out how to disconnect the tube) and a "spreader" which will hold the bag open while it dries.

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