Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Than £10,000 Raised For Pancreatic Cancer Research

Although it is almost 2 years since I completed my big walk to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research, donations are still trickling in. And more would be welcome, of course.

Yesterday there was a donation from Angela. I know several Angelas but not this one, I think. She did not leave an email address on the JustGiving website so I have no way of thanking her other than through this blog. If you are reading this, Angela, thanks very much - you clearly know this is going to a good cause because you said it is one dear to your heart. You also said you look forward to reading my book. I assume that means you already have a copy. I hope you will enjoy it - reviews are good.

Although the JustGiving icon on this page seems to be stuck at 100%, the 202 donations so far received total  £8,555, which is 122% of the £7,000 target. Gift Aid added by the tax authorities is £1287.51, giving a total so far raised in connection with my walk to £10,042.51.

My book "Vic's Big Walk from SW France to NW England is also raising funds. 100% of the proceeds go direct to Pancreatic Cancer UK.That is in addition to the figures given above.

More is needed. There has been no progress in the past 40 years in finding a cure for this dreadful illness which can see off sufferers within a few short weeks of diagnosis.

So go to it - make a donation by clicking on the blue "Donate" button under the JustGiving logo and/or get a copy of the book. The e-version into your Kindle or other e-reader will cost you about the same as a cup of coffee. The paperback, due out in June, will clearly cost more. Find out details of where to find the book by clicking on, believe it or not, "Where to find my book" at the top right of this page.

Thank you in advance.

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