Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kindle For Christmas?

Happy Christmas, readers.

It has been a wonderfully sunny day here today. But for the lack of leaves on the trees and the shortage of degrees on the thermometer, it could have been mid-summer.

Our local market was open. There were only 3 stalls, but they included the all-important fresh veggie stall and the baker. We had a light lunch, a leisurely stroll in the glorious countryside, a glass of mulled wine with mince pies and continue with a quiet, leisurely day.

I know millions of people have had Kindles, iPads, and other e-reading devices for Christmas. I was happy to see that at least some of these had been downloading my book overnight instead of peeping out for Santa. Good move. The reviews tell me it is a decent read, which you get at the same time as contributing to the search for a cure for the serial killer which is pancreatic cancer. And it is inexpensive. Top right on this page is where you can find out where to get the book. Do it now!

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