Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Importing Bones

The winter has arrived at last, but hardly in full force. This time last year we were skating around on snow which had melted a bit then frozen again - very nasty stuff. For the last couple of days we have had a bit of light rain and temperatures under 10 degrees.

On our morning walk today we saw some white herons, which seem to have been around for a few days. I tried to get a picture of one as it was flying over us but it was too quick for me. That would have been nice to show you.

Gay picked up a bit more information this morning on the human bones found in the woods here recently - as I reported a couple of weeks ago. Apparently they are recent, female, and about 50 years of age. That is all that is known so far. How do the police go about finding who they belonged to, especially if they have been "imported". There was a case in the papers recently. A body had been found near Perpignan about a year ago. Now a man in Germany has been arrested. He is charged with committing a murder in Germany and dumping the body more than 1000 kms away, near Perpignan, on his way to Spain.

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