Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flying Visits

Life is a bit hectic, what with all this commuting by air backwards and forwards over more or less the same route I walked last year. But I am managing to spend some time promoting my book. I am also getting some very good feedback from people who have read it.

It's difficult to be objective about your own work, of course. And when friends tell you how good it is, or that they have enjoyed it, there is a tendency, even though they are obviously sincere, to take it with a pinch of salt.

But when strangers contact you with praise - then you begin to take it seriously.

Here are some comments received in the past 24 hours:

"Vic, thoroughly entertained reading your book."

"The book is so funny in places, it makes me laugh out loud."

"I also really enjoy the evocative descriptions of rural France."

"Hard to say this without it sounding patronizing but I think you have done a great thing. After nearly 30 years in the *** I am conscious that my contribution to the greater good of society is not what it should be. Taking early retirement (in December) is providing the opportunity to rectify that, and your epic adventure has provided the impetus. Thanks so much for that Vic."

For details of where to find my book "Vic's Big Walk from SW France to NW England" double click on this.

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