Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Christmas Cards

We have decided that, once again, we shall be sending out no Christmas cards this year but instead putting the money into the fund for Pancreatic Cancer UK. Of course we would be very pleased if you would do the same.

One day a cure will be found. This will come through research. The research needs funds. Every little bit counts. Your contribution could be the one that makes the diffence and finances the breakthrough. To us, that seems much more important than the fleeting pleasure of a Christmas card.

Just click on the JustGiving button on the left of your screen. Ignore the "100%" sign. The fund actually stands at 116% of my original target. And of course there is no upper limit. Go for it.

The pictures are from the recent Apple Fair in nearby Mirepoix. All those sculptures are made from apples, the local crop. Each year the theme is different. This year it was a about Mirepoix's twin town of Palafrugell in northern Spain.

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