Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big Walk Challenge 2012

I walked from Quillan to Puivert today. Nothing unusual about that, except that I really only started distance walking for Vic's Big Walk, that walk finished more than two months ago, yet here I am, still walking for several hours, several times a week.

The new version of the walk from Quillan is about 20 kms and rises from 290 metres, reaches 650 metres three times before gradually coming down to home at 500 metres. I took the picture soon after I set off, at about 400 metres. Between there and home, where 8 Egyptian vultures were resting on thermals just above the house, I had a brainwave.

What about a Big Walk Challenge? I walked from Puivert to Blackpool in 70 days. Many people, all over the world, were interested and followed my blog. How many of those people would be interested in following the same route themselves? In competition with others, to see how long it would take them.

The Challenge would take place in 2012, to give everybody time to prepare. There would not be a mass start because not everybody would have 70 days (plus or minus) available at the same time of year. Each competitor could start at a time of hir own choosing. There would be a handicapping system - those over 70 would have a day knocked off their time for each year over 70 - those between 50 and 70 would have a day added on - those under 50 would have 20 days added, plus another half year for each extra year of age below 50.

There would be prizes for the winner in each 10-year age category. The entry fee would be £100, to be paid as a donation to Pancreatic Cancer UK through my JustGiving webpage. Additionally, each competitor would be required to set up hir own JustGiving page to raise funds for my charity or for one of their own.

Would this fly? Let me know what you think.

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