Sunday, October 6, 2013

10 Weeks, 10 Days, 7 Hours, 12 Hours, 6 Months

In 1957 I was crossing the Atlantic in a ship. Along the way we passed, but did not see, a replica of the famous Mayflower - the ship which carried the Pilgrim Fathers to America - which had been built for the purpose, and which was being sailed across, many years after the original, which made its voyage in 1620.

In 2013 - last Sunday in fact - I at last saw, and boarded, the Mayflower replica at its resting place in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Like all the other visitors, I marvelled at how tiny the vessel is, and how appalling it must have been to be crammed in there, along with 101 other people (not counting the crew but including 3 pregnant ladies)  for the ten weeks which the crossing took. My own trip on a cargo ship in 1957 took about 10 days from Liverpool to New York

A few days after Gay, Samantha and I visited Plymouth, Gay and I flew from Boston to Amsterdam in under 7 hours. How things have changed.

Our visit to Boston was tagged on to the end of our trip to Peru. I was unable to post photographs while in Peru but will be doing so in the next few days.

By the way, our flight to Lima from Amsterdam a month ago took 12 hours. It took the Spanish conquistadore thugs 6 months each time they made the same journey.

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