Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unto The Fourth Generation

As foretold in a previous post, we have been in Peru for the past week.

I have not yet found a way to transfer pictures from my cameras to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. This is a shame because we are seeing many wonderful things.

I first became interested in the ancient civilasations here (of which the Incas were the pinnacle but pretty much latecomers) when I read Prescott's tome Conquest of Peru when I was 8 years of age.

It took a long time but two years ago Gay and I finally managed to get here. We had a splendid time in the South of the country, culminating at the magic Machu Picchu. But we realised there was so much more to see of the earlier civilasations which the Incas conquered and absorbed, much of it in the less-visited and less-developed, tourism-wise north. That is why we are here now.

Oh, and by the way, a couple of days ago I became a great grandfather when my granddaughter gave birth to the lovely Norah Pearl. I mentioned this to the hotel barman that day while "wetting the baby's head" with the other members of our tour group. Within minutes every member of our party was presented with a special "new baby" souvenir at the dining table. I now have the task of trying to get two of these home intact for Alexandra and Karen, my eldest daughter and now a new grandmother.

I hope I have managed to include a pic of the baby souvenirs because I took that snap with the tablet I am using.

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