Sunday, April 21, 2013

Video of Airbus A380 Landing - Pilot's Eye View

Greetings from Rome. Since Thursday afternoon we have made 5 aircraft flights. Christchurch-Sydney-Bangkok-Dubai-Rome. Fortunately punctuated by a night's sleep in Bangkok. Just the 20,000 kms.

The last two flights were on the enormous Airbus A380, as pictured above.

Coincidentally, yesterday, the same day we arrived in Rome, a friend sent me a wonderful video of the scene in the cockpit as an A380 comes in to land at San Francisco airport. It is a real eye opener not only of the technology involved but of the skill and professionalism of the pilots.

Click HERE to see it.

So, we are back in the Northern Hemisphere for the first time since January. But not home yet. Fist we spend 5 days with Nicola here in Rome. Then a drive to Beckenried by Lake Lucerne in Switzerland for 5 days with Karen. Then a drive to Grenoble for a one-night visit with Andy Greene, Amercan conqueror on foot of New Zealand North to South, then home by May 1.

Just a few days now, really, in the life of your everyday globetrotter.

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