Monday, April 8, 2013

The Incredible Hulk And Friends In Motueka

Incredible Hulk

Just A Closer Hulk With Thee
Johnny Rebel

Looking For A Kingfish

Up Front

This will be our last full week in New Zealand this year. We have hardly seen any rain. NZ has been suffering from a  severe drought. Even the West Coast of South Island has, for the first time ever, been  declared a drought zone. Normally, the wet clouds coming over from Australia rear up in horror when they see the Southern Alps then absolutely wet themselves at the sight of Aoraki Mt Cook. This results, often, in spectacular downpours and very high rainfall totals for the year. Not this year, though. However, the drought broke when we were in Hokitika. Fortunately we were indoors, nay, asleep, at the time, because it was in the middle of the night. But it was absolutely deafening. But for the eleven days we were in the town we saw barely a drop fall. 

One of our two days in Reefton saw rain falling all day long. It was only when we went to load the car up for departure the next morning that we realised we had left the front passenger window open since our arrival two days earlier. We have almost managed to dry the carpets now, we think. 

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