Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mist, Mississippi, Mauritius, Morecambe and Moving

A couple of scenes locally this misty morning. You can get bigger versions of the pictures by clicking on one of them.

I have removed the Goodreads Giveaway competition from this page because it has now finished and the signed copies of "Living In The Real Cyprus" have been posted off to the two winners in Mississippi and Mauritius. Clearly, in order to win, you have to live somewhere beginning with "M". One of the winners of the Giveaway for "Vic's Big Walk from SW France to NW England lived in Morecambe.

We are off to New Zealand in 10 days time for a 3-month sojourn. We stunned our neighbours the other day by telling them that when we return we shall be putting our house on the market with a view to moving 100 kms to an apartment in Narbonne. It seemed sudden to them but we have been thinking about it for some time. And they shouldn't hold their breaths - the housing market here is pretty brain-dead.

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