Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Enjoyable Read

I have been asked to do more talks about my walk and my books. I am happy to do this because it usually means selling some signed copies (and thereby raising funds) and it gives me a chance to raise awareness about the horrors of pancreatic cancer and the need to find a cure. 

One lady who has asked me to go over to Provence to speak at a literary lunch used to have a bookshop. She sent me an email the other evening which included these kind words:

I sat down this evening and have had a very enjoyable hour or so reading, your exploits and loved that way you slipped in the history of the places you went through. I shall be continuing my reading tomorrow.

I am particularly interested to read the travels of a fellow Lancastrian, I was born in Wigan and lived my adolecent years in Southport before starting my travel at 20, since when I have never lived again in the UK.

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