Thursday, July 5, 2012

Merging Of Blogs

I have decided to merge my two blogs. It seems superfluous to have two, one which was originally about my big walk (but which is now just various ramblings),  and another about my writing activities, including my first book about the walk and three other books "on the stocks". So I repeat below the most recent post from my writing blog, which will now cease. Future posts on this blog will include news on my writing activities. I will leave the link to "Vic Heaney, Author" on this page for access to previous posts on that blog.

I had this very droll email recently from a friend who has read "Vic's Big Walk" on his Kindle and has now ordered the print version (not yet on Amazon but can be acquired direct from the publisher):

"Yes I managed to download the e version when we got home, and what a pleasant read it was. It was just as if you were telling the story to us in a Polis cafe, that is a straightforward style without the usual Francophile rubbish about cuisine etc.

Seems like you had some tough days out there, so, bloody good effort!

The book has left a lasting impression on me; I keep seeing "Costas Cafes" everywhere we go that I swear wern't there before.

And another thing, this Olympic torch business is scheduled to take exactly 70 days; coincidence? I don't think so. We should be told"

And that bit about getting my book direct from the publisher. This is where you will find it:

or just click right here to go straight to the page.

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