Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nordic Walking

Today during my walk from Nebias to Puivert I used my Leki poles. I bought them for VBW but never actually used them because my hands were always full of cameras, dictation devices, satnav kit and what have you.

I believe they have several USPs. One is that they take some weight off your knees with each step, thus ensuring that the knees are more likely to be preserved for posterity. Another is that they clearly help you, when negotiating a steep hillside, to remain upright. The third is that they use your upper body and give some exercise to parts which walking would otherwise not reach.

I am certainly in need of exercise all over, having done little for the past three weeks except eat. The rot started when we made a one-week visit to England for various purposes, including a round of visitations to friends and relatives we do not normall see very often. Of course this was lovely, but the downside in such circumstances is that every visit seems to include a feast, either in-house or at hostelries and restaurants. At the same time, because of the driving involved, and the fact that our time is put at the disposal of others - that is why we are there, after all - little if any exercise is indulged in.

We have also done quite a lot of travelling and eating since we came back. Upon our return from England I had added 2 kilos in one week and the total is now an extra 3 kilos which I am porting around. So a return to exercise, which would have happened anyway, is being enhanced, especially as we have a weekend away coming up, to be followed not long afterwards by a visit to Paris and another week or more of eating out.
I certainly felt today, after using the poles, that I had had more of a workout than a walk out, so I shall persist with their use on some longer walks.

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