Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To The Woods

Today I had my longest walk for some time - about 8 kms. This involves walking directly upwards on the road which goes past the house, towards Esperaza. After about 4 kms I turn into the woods and come back a far more testing way.

While I was still on the road I was passed by a Gendarmerie car and another which I took to be an unmarked accompaniment. Then just before I turned into the woods I saw these two vehicles parked up, with two more, a bunch of gendarmes, a fellow in camouflage, and a sapeur pompier. In the woods was the sound of much activity with a mechanical saw which sounded as if it was sawing wood.

I fully expected that when I was in the woods I would be turned back by more gendarmes because obviously something big was going on. As it happened I passed well on the other side of the activity but I could hear the sawing, almost continuous, for a good three-quarters of an hour.

What could be going on? Gay speculated that somebody was trapped under fallen trees but there seemed to be far much sawing for that, and too non-stop.

We have been having some lovely weather lately as the photographs, taken today, show. Don't forget it is the last day of November. Long-lost Fred emailed me from Cheltenham yesterday and said that it was nearly dark there at 1530. That is the same time at which I took these photographs.

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