Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stress Testing

I went for a walk yesterday. So what, you say, are you not the Big Walker, of VBW? Do you not gallop 30 kms before breakfast? Or rather, say the closer followers, 30 kms including ideally two stops for coffee?

Well, yes, I am or was that man. But since early this year I have been plagued by plantar fasciitis - the dread of any runner or walker. In July and August I flew to England 4 times for other reasons, but while there had my pf zapped 4 times by Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, in the hope of ridding myself of this affliction.

The last treatment was in August. I was advised that it would be 4 to 6 weeks before the benefit fully arrived at the end-of-my-leg thing. But I could cautiously try a bit of walking. I tried a couple of times and detected no improvement. I waited until the six weeks were up. At the time I was doing some incidental walking at altitude - 2 or 3 miles up in the sky in Peru. It was impossible, because of the thin air and the lack of time, to essay an actual hike. Nevertheless I had, especially first thing in the morning, because that is when fp manifests itself, pain in the afflicted part. I contacted the physio who applied the ESWT. He advised that maybe another 4 to 6 weeks should do the trick. I was a little cynical about this response.

So you can imagine my pleasure when I accomplished 6 kms yesterday, with a bit of climbing up to our local chateau, and arrived home with only a slight twinge in the heel. More stress testing will ensue. Watch this space, but please cross your fingers.

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