Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Force Is Not With Us

A huge relief this week. At last we have sold V-Force One, the campervan we bought solely for the purpose of being our base during VBW. The walk finished in July last year, but it has taken until now to sell the vehicle. We have made a huge loss, but at least we no longer have the anxiety of wondering if it would ever be sold.

It has become obvious to us, through various comments made, that there has been a widespread impression that the vehicle was donated to us by our sponsors Columbia. No. Columbia very kindly designed, manufactured and fitted the "adhesiveage", incorporating the "Vic's Big Walk" logo and websites, the Satmap logo, and, rather mdestly, I thought, their own logo. But the vehicle was purchased and owned by Yours Truly and of course Mrs Truly. It was a lovely vehicle but we had no further use for it and have been embarrassed by our continuing ownership of it. We are happy to say goodbye. And so is our bank manager.

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