Thursday, March 10, 2011

On The Road Again ..

... in two ways.

I mentioned that severe heel pain stopped me walking. We went to the Catlins for a week, staying with Lyn, Selwyn and Otto at Cardno's accommodation, as usual. Another thing that is usual there is that we have a daily morning walk from Kaka Point to the Nugget Point lighthouse and back - about 18 kms - which sets us up for the day. This time, not a step was walked. Gay managed to get a few runs in while I slothed around the house. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful week with the Cardno's, who have become very good friends. They are going to visit us in France next year, and we are even going to Paris with them - a place we have never been. This will be only their second trip overseas.

Last Friday we came back to Alexandra. Before leaving for Kaka Point, I had ordered some heel spur support cushions from Amazon. I asked for them to be delivered to Alexandra and when we returned after 7 days, they had already been here for several days - pretty impressive, over 20,000 kms.

The cushions, from LP Support, are made of gel and the bit directly under the heel bone is a void. I put them in my shoes and started walking. Since Sunday morning I have walked 100 kms in 5 days, and the heel has been better each day. I recommend these to anybody with heel pain.

And the second point about "On the road again"? Having just (more or less) got to grips with "Always on my mind", I am about to start learning to play this other Willie Nelson favourite on the guitar.

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