Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time For A Fry-up

Just because I am not telling you anything doesn't mean we are doing nothing. By the time we leave Alexandra on Friday, after spending two weeks here, we will have walked and cycled more than 400 kms on the Otago Central Rail Trail and its River Track variant.

This morning, for instance, we drove to Omakau then walked the 28 kms back to our accommodation in Alex. Tomorrow we shall cycle out to Omakau to pick up the car, if it is still there.

Here are a few sights seen today on the Rail Trail.

Believe it or not, that is a pond. What looks like a solid red surface is, we believe, red algae.

One of the many trestle bridges on this ex-railway line. I don't know how it felt in a train but riding across on a bike rattles everything you have. We suspect they are sponsored by the local dentists.

Does that picture need any explanation?

Some of the stations on this line were very small!

The whole area is a geologist's delight.

On Sunday we went to the Cromwell Country Music Club, as we usually do when we are in the area. We won some meat in a raffle. Then we won some more in the second raffle! Sausages and bacon both times. We are vegetarian.

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