Friday, December 7, 2012

Isn't Flying Fun?

Only 5 weeks after it took us 2 days to get from Boston to Florida (in the aftermath of the Frankenstorm) we had another nightmare journey, this time from our home in the Pyrenees to my daughter Karen's new home in Switzerland.

Setting off at 0630, we drove to Toulouse. There we encountered the worst Toulouse traffic we have ever seen. It was so bad that it could have been any day on the M6 in England. The journey to the airport took over two and a half hours.

Checked in. Sat there well past our take off time. No announcements. Upon
enquiry, told that the airport was shut down because of a problem with air traffic control. How long to fix it? Don't know, could be all day. We found out later that the radar had conked out

Eventually invited to board. Everybody on, ready to go. No movement. Is there a doctor on board? We have a medical emergency. No reply. Four paramedics came on board. Turns out there was a diabetic problem in the rear. Fixed that, but now that part of the plane had to be cleaned because of vomiting. Hooray, we take off.

Coming in to land at Munich at after the time of our onward flight to Zurich. Lots of announcements about rescheduled connections but in our case, the flight to Zurich has been cancelled.

On the ground, we arranged another flight to Zurich with a wait of 3 hours. They did give us a voucher for meals. After the 3 hours we were told that our flight was delayed because the incoming plane had not yet arrived. When we eventually got on board the plane had to go to another part of the airport for de-icing before takeoff.

Eventually arrived in Zurich where Karen met us. Because it was so late we now had an onward journey involving four trains instead of two. Then a bus ride.

We arrived in Beckenried, on the shores of Lake Lucerne, at half past midnight.
And now we are getting snowed in.

What fun, eh?

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