Monday, February 20, 2012

New Little Big Walk Coming Up

We didn't know about it at 9 am this morning. At least Gay didn't. Then I came out again with the ominous words "I've had an idea". Now we are all booked up to walk the 157 kms of the Otago Central Rail Trail, starting next Tuesday, in 5 days.

The Rail Trail is a former railway line which was opened 12 years ago today for cyclists, walkers and horse riders. It is very active with cyclists in particular and has been an economic boon to the area, with companies hiring bikes, arranging accommodation, transporting luggage, and many providers of food and accommodation.

It was while walking sections of this trail that I had the original inspiration for Vic's Big Walk. We have probably walked more than 1,000 kms on various sections, and we have in the past cycled the length of it, starting in Clyde. Next week we will walk it, starting at the Middlemarch end. It is spectacularly scenic. I am hoping the weather is good so that I can demonstrate that to you on this blog.

These are NOT pictures of Gay persuading me to walk the trail.

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