Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sale Time For Vic's Big Book!

It's sales time!

Amazon have reduced the price of my book for a period.

On it has been reduced from €3.58 to €2.49.

So it costs the same as one cup of coffee.

On the reduction is from $4.51 to $3.23.

I am not sure what the price is on because they won't tell me because the book is only available to UK purchasers! But I think there will be a similar reduction.

Don't forget all proceeds go direct to pancreatic cancer research. So you make a small donation to charity and you get a well-reviewed book. And do without one cup of coffee.

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martin said...

Very much enjoying the book and your determination to find a cup of coffee every day.

I've just started the first few stages of my 'Grand Norfolk Hike', as described in my blog