Saturday, July 16, 2011

Coming Soon, By Popular Demand - The Book OF The Walk

This time last year I was approaching the end of my 70 day walk, also the end of a 3-year project which had me walking 17.5 Million steps.

Thousands of people read, and apparently enjoyed, my blog. There were many suggestions that I should publish the blog as a book. I have done much more than that. The blog contained maybe a couple of hundred words per day. But also each day I was dictating a couple of thousand words of notes for a potential book. I transcribed them each evening.

The walk finished on 23rd July 2010, my 70th birthday. Well, it is almost the first anniversary of that event and I hope that on that same date this year, Vic's Big Walk - the book will be available for purchase. Every penny of the proceeds will go direct for research into a cure for pancreatic cancer, the same cause I was walking for last year.

Here is a sneak preview of the cover, designed by my good friend Peter Labrow, of Labrow Marketing.

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