Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fine Tomorrow

Not much being done in the way of walking at present. I still have a foot injury - plantar fasciitis or heel spur, I'm not sure which.

And the weather has been a disincentive as well. During VBW and also while I was training for it, I had to ignore the weather and just get on with it. No such obligation now.

For over a month the secheresse, or drought, has been well and truly put to bed. We have not had two dry days to rub together. If there was a fine day, it was followed by one, or more likely several, wet ones. The forecast has been promising a run of sunny days, but always next week.

Monday was fine. Tuesday really boiled up, much to the pleasure of the 3 Australian young men staying next door. But the humidity (because the ground was so wet?) mounted to the point where we could have been in Singapore or Brisbane. Then the thunder and lightning struck - and continued to strike for the next 12 hours. And it brought the rain, which is with us still. It will be OK tomorrow ...

The photographs are some I managed to snatch during the rare sunny intervals. The first two are in Quillan, the others in Mirepoix

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