Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Start - One Year On

As Celine Dion sings "It's all coming back to me now".

One year ago today I set off into the unknown - to walk roughly 2,000 kms, mainly on my own. 70 days later I would celebrate my 70th birthday, and hopefully, arrival at the house where I was born.

I had never undertaken anything of this magnitude before but was confident - on very little evidence - that I could achieve all this. I had done my best, including 12,000 kms of training over two years.

The weather was not encouraging. A week earlier we had been deep in snow. This had cleared, but the day (along with most days during the walk) was somewhat cool. Unlike most of the rest of the trek, it was at least dry (at the start).

This year's weather would have been much more favourable - or at least I thought so until yesterday. Since the beginning of the year the weather here has been mild. Since we came home from our wanderings a week ago it has been mainly sunny and warm. But just to remind me, today is cool again.

Happy memories.

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