Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Step Change In Stepping Out

We are in transit, our annual migration to Down Under. We drove up through France and stayed overnight with Pam and Bob, who we met through VBW. The next evening, before boarding our ferry at Ouistreham, we had dinner with Dale and Thérèse, who we also met because of the walk.

We have made a few visits in UK, including a couple of days in Ambleside with my eldest daughter Karen and her husband Kenny - they live in Saudi Arabia so we have not seen them for months. Tomorrow morning we fly with Singapore Airlines and the above lovely ladies to Singapore on the way to New Zealand. In Singapore we shall exchange the current European temperatures of just above freezing for roughly 30 degrees and v.v. humid. By Sunday we shall be in Christchurch, where they are still experiencing big aftershocks from the recent earthquakes. All part of life's rich pattern, as Beryl Reid used to say.

Walking has been a bit limited lately by colds, bad backs, snow and ice, and travelling. We expect a step change in activity levels, very soon.

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Margaret Gregson said...

News I have from Christchurch is that the aftershocks go on all night and it is hard to get a good night's sleep. Buildings are still being destroyed too so take care!