Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ups and Downs, Terrain and Temperature

I haven't walked for a while because I have had a bad back and a cold at the same time. These aren't things which go together, as you find out when you sneeze.

So it was a bit of a weakened Vic who today walked home from Quillan. We drove there, of course, I had the usual coffee and tabnab, then I walked along to the barber's. We had seen Pierre in the cafe - he did seem to be dashing about and carrying things. I had been standing outside his shop for a few minutes before I saw the sign saying he would not be open today until 9.30. Being my normal early self, it was still not yet 8.30, the usual opening time. Gay by this time had driven home. I didn't hang around.

I am quite habituated to the 18 kms walk, with it's initial 6 kms climbing from 290 metres to 600 metres. I had to pause on the really steep bits, but it was the effort required for the small hills at the end of the walk which made me realise (yet again) that a cold can really take it out of you, not to mention that a bad back can be quite debilitating.

We were covered in snow a few days ago, but two or three days above freezing have cleared it away completely. Today the temperature is 15 degrees and tomorrow it is forecast to rise to 17, although it will plunge back to 5 or so on Thursday.

We are off to Provence for a few days, so it is likely to be even higher than 17 where we are going.

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talesfromagarden said...

A few days in Provence might be just what the doctor ordered,lots of photos would be nice on your return!