Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Tale Of Two Haircuts

The pictures were taken in Chalabre this morning. Nice day, isn't it?

Yesterday was much gloomier, in more than one way. We drove to Quillan, to visit the market and for me to have a haircut before I walked home to Puivert (18 kms).

There was not much market because it was very wet.

I have a haircut about every 3 weeks. Last time, my friendly barber Pierre told me that a friend of his had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Yesterday I asked Pierre how his friend was doing. "Il est mort," he said. Pierre was obviously very upset about the death of his friend and how quickly it had happened. Indeed it is very sad. Unfortunately it is the norm.

Pancreatic cancer is swift and savage. This is why it is so vital to fund research to find a cure and/or early diagnosis. And why I would like you to divert some of the money you would otherwise waste on the Annual Shopkeepers' Festival, as Clive James called it, and to put some instead into the fund I have set up for that purpose. The money arrives very swiftly with Pancreatic Cancer UK, where it is applied to good effect.

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