Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Suddenly In The Saddle

We are majoring on cycling this week in Oxford, because we hope to be cycling the Central Otago Rail Trail (150 kms of spectacular scenery) again next week. So we are averaging 10 kms a day walking. We have not been on our bikes since last September or so; no doubt that is the reason that our first ride, yesterday, of 45 kms, was such hard work. Maybe we should have started with a ride which was a little flatter. This morning we did an extremely undulating 20 kms, which was quite enough.

We are meeting Robyn and John Davies for a spot of lunch at Cafe 51, the best cafe/restaurant in Oxford (much better than the hyped Seagars, which gets its publicity because it is owned by Jo Seagar, a NZ "celebrity" chef, but which is sadly lacking, especially in the area of service). After lunch we shall be going for a stroll with R&J. We "did" the Rail Trail with them last year. Today's effort started out as a plan to climb Mt. Oxford together, but has gradually come down to a slow walk and a plea to us to do something more strenuous this morning. Which we have duly done.

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