Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Sweat ...

... Not true, especially using Lorenzo's Ropes - you get a real work out and will need a shower when you finish. The Pilates exercises are more gentle but just as effective. A combination of the two would be excellent. Together in an exrcise programme with your walk or run, the result will be a fit you.

If you want to know more about the types of exercises mentioned in the previous post on this blog, information and equipment is readily available on or via the Internet.

For instance, the "Lorenzo's Ropes" type exercise can be done using either resistance tubing or resistance bands. Search on either of those phrases will produce lots of information.

Amazon have an interesting book described if you click on this:


They also sell various types of resistance tubing or bands, such as:


A "Swiss ball, together with an instructional DVD is here:


Books about "Pilates on the Ball" are available with or without accompanying DVD here:


A free training video in one type of resistance tube training, using a bench, is here:


These are just examples. There are many more books, DVDs, suppliers of equipment and demos available using a simple search.

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